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nice vettes and garage!!!!great job!!!!
madison, USA - Thursday, February 26, 2004 at 17:04:50 (CST)

beautiful, both the cars and your garage no other words necessary !
ny, Canada - Thursday, February 12, 2004 at 03:13:41 (CST)

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- Monday, February 09, 2004 at 18:50:15 (CST)

I found this website of yours about a year ago. I have never had the pleasure of owning a corvette but i must say that both of your proclassics are the absoloute most beautiful cars I have ever seen. If I were ever to get a vette i think i would have to buy it from you.
Houston, USA - Tuesday, January 27, 2004 at 14:54:06 (CST)

me i done land here ooooooooooo bless me
lome, togo - Saturday, January 24, 2004 at 07:44:07 (CST)

Well, you are the first visitor we have had from Africa! Welcome and we hope you enjoyed the site. Thanks for leaving the message

Do you ever drive those things? I guess it doesn't matter anyways because they're not classics anymore anyways (not stock)... Nice garage, though.
Tom Rawlins
USA - Wednesday, January 14, 2004 at 02:25:56 (CST)

Tom, both cars are driven at least twice a week to our local cruise nights during the summer months. We have also had all original Vettes but found that we didn't drive them as much as we do these cars. That was one of the main reasons for building them the way we wanted and we have had a great deal of fun building as well as driving them. Fortunately, there are many ways to enjoy the hobby. Thanks for the compliment on the garage.


Merry Christmas and happy New Year Rich and Barbara. My wife and I had the pleasure to meet and talk with you at the Boston W/W and at Carlisle. Being the proud owner of a restored 62 vette for over 20yrs, your car is flawless and an inspiration to imagination (Barb pointed out the horn ring center caps on the wheels). I had the pleasure of meeting friends of yours at the Elks Club Car Show in Lawrence, Ma., they are the owners of a hot rod. I look forward to seeing you and Barb during 2004 at the shows. May I suggest "Reno Hot August Nights" 17th Annual Week Long Shows, Cruises, and Car Flea Mkt and Car Auction. It occurs the 1st and 2nd wk of August 2004. Cars come from all over the West, Mexico, and Canada. Very Best Shaun and Jeanine Scanlon
Shaun Scanlon
Manchester, NH , USA - Wednesday, December 24, 2003 at 17:14:37 (CST)

Impressive attention to detail. My imediate goal is to purchase a 67 convertible...any advice?..first timer..buget $40,000....awesome stuff...Rick
rick domhoff
cincinnati, usa - Monday, December 15, 2003 at 17:54:32 (CST)

I love that shop! I have just finished my 65 Corvette Roadster, but I wish my garage looked a tenth as good as yours.
Dave Doretti
Austin, USA - Saturday, December 13, 2003 at 00:17:27 (CST)

Wow I dont even know where to begin, all the cars are very nice. My father recently gave me his originally owned 1979 L-82 vette.I cant thank him enough. All #'s still match it is a beautiful car. Thanks Dad.
Kenny Linton II
Spirit Lake , United States - Wednesday, November 19, 2003 at 16:48:26 (CST)

Awesome collection of Vettes. I especially like the '62. My brothers and I have been working on my fathers '61. It has an incredible stance due in part to tubbing and an independant front end. The rear tires are 18x10 and the fronts are 17's. Future upgrades include a new trans, probably a six speed and a new paint job to make this baby shout. Mahalo from Hawaii.
Jeff Tavares
Makawao, United Staes - Monday, October 27, 2003 at 20:07:56 (CST)

Great Collection! Nice work.
Jersey City, USA - Thursday, October 23, 2003 at 13:22:58 (CST)

excellent and then some-I grew up in the 50's &60's.owned new 67 ss 396,69 chevy 11 396-375 hp but my all time favorite is the 66-67 vette.All the best.Nova Scotia Canada
Harvey MacAusland
Canada - Wednesday, October 22, 2003 at 18:16:43 (CST)

Rich, All these years I have been doing your business cards and I have never seen your cars or your website. I thought I would take a peek! Absolutely gorgeous, what a beautiful car (red with the black stripe) I have to show Michael this, he loves corvettes, he had a 1980 sometime back and when we got married he had a 1990, that we sold so we could buy our house. He always says "one day i will have one again". He loves them, all years early and new. I m going to go look at a few more pages, see you. Alicia
Alicia Blanco
Colchester, USA - Monday, October 20, 2003 at 12:56:31 (CST)

Fantastic job on the website. One of these days I am going to have to see these cars in person. Judging by the pictures these are two of the finest Corvettes I have every seen.
Steve Barker
Puyallup, USA - Monday, October 20, 2003 at 10:57:42 (CST)

Rich....Saw the "62" at Detroit Autorama....I was so thrilled and excited to see a car like that ,that It gave me goose bumps...I looked at that car for a half an hour and still havn't stoped talking about it...Seeing the "62" has inspired me to do a similar rebuild to my "73" "You Are Definately the MAN!!
Rob Amluxen
HarperWoods, usa - Tuesday, September 30, 2003 at 13:02:10 (CST)

Rich & Barb, It was very nice to meet you both at Carlisle this year (2003) on Friday. Your cars are incredible and the garage just knocks me out. Hope to meet you folks again sometime. Glenn
Glenn Murphy
Southampton, Canada - Saturday, August 30, 2003 at 06:31:02 (CST)

Great site! And I have no words to discribe your garage.
The Netherlands - Saturday, April 12, 2003 at 17:12:05 (CST)

Very Nice site. Love the Vetts And the Almost human Shadow. See ya later . Harry
Harry Goodrich
Wilbraham , Mass. - Sunday, March 02, 2003 at 10:16:12 (CST)

Tiny Garage !!
RichF visited from East Moriches L.I., NY USA
Very, very, very, nice car! The garage is not too shabby, either. Excellent taste in 'Vettes
My website can be found at: Rich's Incorrect 'Vette Site

Nice to meet you.
Janet Dawes visited from Stewartsville NJ US
It was a great meeting you and Barbara at Carlisle. Jim and I have just started showing the car more this year and getting to meet other Vette enthusiast. Enjoyed your photo album. Thats 2 great looking Vette's and YES a great looking garage. What a thrill we had all the way to Jersey following Callaway! The end to a great weekend. Great to meet you both and hope to see you at another show soon.
My website can be found at: The Dawes Place

Beautiful Car and Garage
Matthew G Hetman visited from Rockaway New Jersey US
Your garage belongs on TV...Everything look beautiful and well laid out. It must be a pleasure working there. Can't wait to see your C5 parked there as well as some of the mods you will most likely do. Good luck with it...
My website can be found at: Shockwave's Website

Your site, etc.
George Hoover visited from Lansdale PA USA
Great site. Can't wait to tell Jim his work is on the web. Happy to learn you are NASCAR fans, too. I'm an Earnhardt fan, Bev loves Jeff Gordon. Do you attend any races?

Great web site, Dick!
Jay Andrews visited from GA USA
I really enjoyed your web site, and look forward to seeing more!
My website can be found at: '63-'67 Corvette Lovers

Collecting rare Hall teapots
Jim Terry visited from Largo Florida Good 'Ol USA
Wow! I'm sure everyone says the same thing after viewing your Corvette page, but I have NEVER seen any garage as clean and inviting as yours! I'm totally impressed. I think I've got some work to do on mine! I ordered my very first Corvette on June 6th of this year-a Magnetic Red Coupe with the works. I rode in a new C5 friend's Mag Red Convert. the other day, my very first time in a C5, and the first ride in any Corvette. I'm looking at a build date in the week of Sept. 18th and taking delivery of my new dream in early October. I'll put a web page together about the C5 as soon as I get 'er! Hope you and your family are doing fine, best wishes to you all. Jim & Linda Terry
My website can be found at: Jim & Linda's Hall Teapot Page

Better Than My House
Hank Bigos visited from West Springfield Ma USA
Excellent job Rich Wouldn't accept anything less

Terry Corp visited from Medford Oregon USA
Absolutely stunning Corvettes, equipment and facilities... Every enthusiasts dream!!

Harry Goodrich visited from Wilbraham ms us
Very nice web site BUT i dont believe your garage is 81/2 inches high HA HA HA (needs a correction) See ya Harry

Carl Manfra visited from Succasunna New Jersey USA
Great work done on each of the cars. Nice garage !
My website can be found at: add.shtml

Your Website
Darlene visited from Centreville Virginia USA
Just visited your web page. Totally awesome!!! My boyfriend hasn't stopped drooling on my computer since he saw the pics of the garage loading and all I could hear him saying under his breath "that's what I've always wanted". He wants to know if you have blueprints?? Also noticed the pic of the Cobra..is that your next restoration? I bought my C5 in July off the showroom floor with only 2 miles on it...now only has 4K. You will absolutely love yours when you get it. What's up with that anyway? I'm first on the list at my dealer for the 50th in 2003 since I was the first to buy a 2000. I love that car and you will too. Enjoy and thanks for sharing your dream with the Forum.

George Peppelman visited from Philadelphia Pa. USA
incredible job!!!!!!!! on the cars and garage!!!!!!!

Awesome garage!
Su and Kevin visited from Ashaway RI USA
My brother, Bill (with the Callaway Porsche), works with your son! Good luck with your new project... We all think your garage is absolutely wonderful :)

Roger visited from Cov RI Roger
Richard, fantastic car, takes a lot of work (love) beauitiful job.

Karl Snedeger visited from Las Vegas Nevada USA
Nice car. I am currently working on a 57 Bel Air with the same suspension and a Ram Jet 350 engine.
My website can be found at: n/a

Your Plan For the Ultimate Vette
Jim & Janet Dawes visited from Stewartsville NJ USA
In 1963 I was a freshman in High School and as none of my friends were old enough to drive, let alone able to afford the outrageously expensive new Corvette, I had decided that the ultimate DREAM MACHINE for me would be a Roman Red 1962 Corvette with Black interior. That still is not a bad Dream Machine. In fact I can only hope that when you guys roll into Carlisle next year with the most beautiful CORVETTE in the world that you will still say HI!! Just kidding, but I really want to say GO FOR IT!! I'll be proud to say that Rich and Barbara Lagasse are aquaintance's and friends of ours. Keep in touch and we appreciate your friendship!! We almost went to the Mystic Show in hopes of seeing you but deided to stay closer to home. Regards, Jim & Janet Dawes
My website can be found at: The Dawes Place

Second income
Bill West visited from Glastonbury CT USA
Great looking car, Dick!!! And what's all that advertising I see on your site? Second income? Bill

Corvette & More
Victor Nonnenmacher visited from Luna Pier mi usa
Nice Garage, I will try and live up to the standard you have set...
My website can be found at: Just Starting

Craig visited from Amelia OH USA
I love your garage. It I have to say it the most beautiful garage I've ever seen. A perfect showcase for your vettes. When my wife and I build our dream home I would like my sub garage to look like yours, only with my C5 in it =). Do you have any plans for what you did? How could I go about getting a copy and how much would it cost. Anyway great website. Have a great weekend. Craig
My website can be found at: none worth mentioning

Your Cars/Garage
T Ford visited from Lakewood Calif. USA
What beautiful cars. What a beautiful garage I have a 1998 Black on Black C5 6 speed.Its alot of fun.

Our new Corvettes
Bob Clark visited from Manchester CT USA
Hi Rich, Enjoyed our brief talk today at The Corvette Center. Your '67 is gorgeous, to say the least! Regards, Bob Clark

Garage and 67
Charlie Porter visited from Plainville CT USA
Ilove them both beautiful.

Terry Briggs visited from Lusby MD USA
That is the most impressive garage I have ever seen!

Rose & Jack Webb visited from Nk RI USA
Your website is awesome. I'll be passing it on to my friend's husband... Love-- Rose & Jack

your workshop is to die for.
Thomas Hahn visited from cocoa florida usa
Congratulations on a great shop to work and play. working on a 30x60x12 two story myself...yours have given me some neat ideas to incorporate in mine. thanks
My website can be found at: c4tomcat

Excellent Taste and Style
Jerrell visited from Plano Texas USA
You have excellent taste and style. I dream of the day when I can afford a setup like you have....Life must be good !!!

Your Garage is Awesome!
Bob LaPointe visited from Jewett City Connecticut USA
I've always wanted a beautiful, functional garage, but to date have been unable fulfill this desire. You are truly a lucky and hardworking man to have built that masterpiece. I am officially jealous!

Best of Luck on the 62... Make Carlisle!!!
Dirk George
visited from Phoenixville Pennsylvania
Rich, Thanks for the advise... the 67 looks fantastic... hope you don't encounter to many obstacles building the 62... best of luck!!!

good site
john tingley visited from tampa fla. usa
this is one of the best corvette site that i have seen. keep up the good work and i will be looking forward to the completion of the 62 vette.

Your place
rene visited from W Springfield Ma USA-85
WoW! you really Know how to hurt a guy. ever show at marks?

Bruce Broussard visited from Beaumont Texas us
Very nice car you have! I love your garage. I built me a 6000 sq. ft building formy toys. I'll send you some pictures of my corvette shortly. Thanks for talking to me about my wheel problem! Bruce
My website can be found at: Bruce

nice cars
mike cammilleri visited from hampden mass usa
great site. keeps my dreams alive

Great Job on the 67
John Gracewski visited from Windsor CT USA
Rich, Met you at Barts, several weeks ago (1984 Silver vette) , have been to your site serveral times and to say I'm impressed is an understatement. The 67 is beautiful, hope to see you at some cruise night with the 2000.. Regards John and Mary G.

62 project
Cole Cacciavillani visited from leamington Ontario Canada
What a piece! Rich, absouletly grogous. Craftsmanship is unmatched Keep the pic's comming. Thanks agian for all your help on our 67 project. Cole

My Vette
Jimbo visited from Antelope Valley California USA
Awsome vette!!
My website can be found at: JIMBO'S CORVETTE

Your garage and C5
Dave visited from Mount Joy PA USA
Wow, that is an awesome car and an awesome garage !! I want to be doing whatever you guys are doing for a living. I told my fiance' that whatever house we buy in the near future, that is what I want my garage to look like. But of course I am dreaming. Incredible.. Dave 97 Blk/Blk MN6, TRIC, X-Pipe and Bassani's

62 project
Cole Cacciavillani visited from leamington Ontario Canada
What a piece! Rich, absouletly grogous. Craftsmanship is unmatched Keep the pic's comming. Thanks agian for all your help on our 67 project. Cole

Karen Pearl visited from
Beautiful car!!!!

Charlie Scavotto visited from Enfield Ct
Nice layout

Loved your garage!
Tony Rivera visited from Suwanee GA USA
I'm a member of the Corvette Forum and the C5 Registry. I LOVE your garage! We are finally in the throws of adding a 4 car garage (2 x 2 like yours) and I appreciate the GREAT ideas you have given me. You've set a mighty benchmark! Its a great garage...damn. That's the kind of HOUSE I wanted (my wife thought I was nuts) let alone a garage! Amazing! Tony

1959 Restoration, Sales and Corvette Consulting
Paul Adams visited from Little Rock AR USA
Nice site, I can't wait until my site is finished.
My website can be found at: vettequest.com

Auto accessories with a focus on C5 Corvettes
Chris Roth visited from East Troy WI USA
Wow. Now that's a dream garage, (not to mention your collection of vehicles too.) Hope you are enjoying the Jacking Pucks.
My website can be found at: Corvette Accessories Unlimited, LLC

Cliff Barber - CliffB-99 on forum visited from KY Florence
Awesome garage.

casper terpinski visited from san antonio tx usa
Thx for your info. about buying a 67 vette on the phone yesterday. You have a great website and garage. I will let you know when I buy the car.

Wayne Stoddard visited from Middleboro MA usa
WOW ! Now that car is fine,along with a garage that makes me drool. It'll inspire me to do some tricks to my own garage. I have a 66 convert for 20 yrs, always looking to improve on it.

Larry Evans visited from Placentia California USA
Your garage and vehicles are awesome.

Phil visited from Fresno CA USA
YOUR CARS ARE INCREDIBLE!!! I really enjoyed your site!

Merilee patty visited from Alstead NH USA
I loved your website. The cars are unbelievable. My favorite was the volkswagen.. *smiles* HOw have you been? glad to see you are doing well.
My website can be found at: mersparadise

The '67 Vette w/the 502
John visited from Suffield CT USA
OH WOW! You've easily got the coolest car around here dude, and I've seen plenty of cool cars. This car is unbelievable, You gotta post some hp/torque figures. What would be great would be if you raced it, and got some quarter mile times. It'd really be something if you raced the '67 and the C5, though I'd never let anyone else drive either, so that would be hard.

My Corvette Site
Robert D Cirilli visited from Gibsonia Pennsylvania USA
Beautiful Cars and facility. Better than my house.
My website can be found at: www.corvetteforum.net/classics/8notenough

Joe Barry visited from Avon CT US
Rich, You gave me your card at Mark's cruise last night. Thanks, they are beauties!! Keep up the good work and see you both again next week...

Ron Neeper visited from Lorena Texas USA
Beautiful Cars!!! I have the 62 with a Paul Newman conversion. I got your e-mail today & will get back with you later today with more information. By the way, beautiful shop also! Ron

vk visited from Murfreesboro TN US
Your garage is almost as beautiful as your vettes! Just add a bed and call it home. Great job and great taste in rides!

Bob Conner visited from North Platte Ne. usa
Well, I'm alittle older now, so this is what I think. Better than playboy penthouse and hustler combined. Can I move in and do the zaino?

2000 Vette for sale
John McElfresh visited from Brighton Michigan USA
Beautiful Vette! ALl of them! Is it still for sale? What is your asking price? Thank you! PS. Nice web site too!

Thanks for your help!
Mark Huselid visited from Princeton NJ USA
Rich, Thanks so much for taking time to speak with me on the phone about my '67 - Very generous! I'm sure that you have saved me a lot of time - and your beautiful cars provide a great deal of inspiration. Can't wait to see your '62!

Just Family
Karen visited from West Kingston Rhode Island US
Hi Rich & Barb! Cousin Karen here. Can't decide which one I like better - they're both beautiful. Perhaps a test drive would help me decide :) Hope you all have a great vacation in Maine. Take care.

2001 Carlile
David DuBois visited from Binghamton NY USA
I was one of the many that stopped by. I mentioned that I had some racing background and thought your cars were the best at the show. I am wondering what you are going to do next . . to top these two wonderful machines !!!

charlie thompson visited from Peoria Illinois USA
Love your garage setup. Very impressive. Save the Wave.
My website can be found at: **

Ray Francis visited from Louisville Ky. Jefferson
Rich, this has to be the best looking Corvette I have ever seen.RAY FRANCIS
My website can be found at: Our Corvettes

Brad Burdick visited from Pittsburgh PA USA
Saw your pics via the Forum. Just wanted to say WOW. I love that garage! You have to be dang proud of that! If you ever need a "garage hand" to help, let me know! Very Nice!
My website can be found at: My Site

Greetings from Hubcap Images
Mo Glunt & Elaine King visited from Charleston SC USA
Spoke with both of you and Richie at Carlisle Saturday and Sunday 2001. Your hearts and personalities are as beautiful as your cars. We are delighted to find your website and have the opportunity to follow your future ventures. Thank you for being so outgoing and generous. Hope to see you at other shows. Keep us posted about upcoming shows you will be attending. Would enjoy seeing you again. Mo Glunt & Elaine King

Your site
Mike Yager visited from Waterford Virginia USA
Very nice site. Love your cars and garage. You probably have nicer cabinets and windows in your garage than what comes standard in many new homes! Very cool!!!

Rich Lagasse
Todd Kalagher visited from South Glastonbury CT usa
Meet you and your wife at the Show on Sunday. Really appreciated your sharing you dream with everyone. It is a wonderful accomplishment! Good luck with your '62. I'll check in for updates. Thanks again! Todd

Mr Mojo(Frank) visited from Lakewood NJ USA
I want your garage!!!!!!!!! That is sweet!
My website can be found at: Welcome to the Land of Mojo

62 corvette
Brian Guardiani visited from Seymour CT US
great job. i do corvette work and know want it takes to build such a car.

Mike Losordo visited from San Juan Capistrano CA USA
I originally had the idea of putting the TT II's on my '67 just before i saw an ad in a magazine featuring your vette; and that just clinched the decision. As i'm sure you've heard a thousand times, she is a real beauty, and an inspiration to all of us who are just starting. I found this address from your posting at corvetteforum, and really appreciate the help u give there. Mike aka Ghanesha67

Amazing talent
Peter Jackel visited from Mission Viejo California USA
Absolutely amazing restoration!! I owned a Roman Red '62 for 15 years until 1999. It never got even close to looking like what yours will look like, but I enjoyed it for what it was. The '67 is incredible and I'm sure the '62 will be as well. I'm a member of the Corvette Forum (MidLifeCrisis) and have to agree with a comment made by a member in a post today: You are "on a different level than the rest of us". I feel about this the way I feel when I see an incredibly detailed painting....I can only dream of having the ability to do something like that.

Adam visited from Canada
Hi Just a comment... Love the garage... and the cars particularly the silver conv. Got to drive one last week what a blast... tons of torque..and tire shreeding acceleration....only wish my garage was as good looking as yours...

Dennis and Leah 2E visited from Naugatuck CT USA
This is the second time I am writing this note - 2E had written one as well but then he wanted to look around again and I told him we would get booted out but guess what happened - so here I am again -Dennis is now cooking so I'll write for him too. He owned a 60 MG which he no longer owns but in his dreams - he just kept saying - Wow - Wow!! I never realized he knew so much about vettes but he was very impressed to say the least. I had a 63 split window vette. I went to shows and they were a blast but boy! - you guys are really something - your cars are like a dream - the garqage is unbelieveable. I saw the lift that Barb got for as a gift but I couldn't see the miniature garage anywhere in the pictures - must have been in a different place from where the pictures were taken - that miniature was really something. Most of all - every one that meets you two seems to feel how special you are - every thing is "OURS" - that's great. I love the picture of the two of you with Rich saying - "I'm the one on the left." But I especially like the picture with the both of you in the C5 with the umbrella. That's my favorite. Well gotta go - I'm writing this on 2E's lap top and the keys are all different so excuse any finger bobbles etc. Congratulations - really a great accomplishment for the two of you and good luck with future endeavors!

Nice car and pic!
Steve Elliott visited from Westport Indiana US
Very sharp looking car and a great pic!
My website can be found at: Dirt Track Trader

Corvette Family
Domenic Bumbaca visited from Mississauga Ontario Canada
Rich & Barb, you truly have 2 of the most spectacular Corvettes I have seen! What a wonderful workshop to perform your "minor surgeries" I am truly inspired and proud to have people like you amongst the Corvette family.
My website can be found at: Blu Angel

The C5
Patrick Niemritz visited from Sanford North Carolina USA
Great looking!!! What more do I need to say, I just picked up a'89 in great shape with some modifications already done, but it still needs my touch. pjn

Donald Farr visited from Lakeland Florida USA
Rich and Barbara, enjoyed chatting with you at Carlisle and working on the article about the '62. Fanatastic work!
My website can be found at: CorvetteMagazine.com

1960 C1/C4
Vince Scott visited from Cave Creek Arizona USA
I'm modifying a 1960 in the same manner as your 62, C4 suspension, L98, and a 6 speed. Nice Website, cars and shop. Good Luck.

Dream Site!
Indynut visited from Sydney Nova Scotia Canada
You've taken my dreams to a new level. You are truly blessed with a gift and I hope you realize you are living what millions only dream about. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Hope you have a great summer season and keep waving!
My website can be found at: Indynut's

Old memories
Terry Corp visited from Medford Oregon
Beautiful 67!!! I had a new 67 roadster but it had a white interior and a white hood scope. It was a 400hp and I believe one of the prettiest Corvettes I have ever owned. Got a new Torch Red C5 on order. Love that red!!!

Terry Neal visited from Harvest AL US
Nice cars! The '67 is truly a dream. I know you are proud of it and can I have it when you are though playing with it?

Bill Corcoran visited from Lady Lake Florida USA
Hi Dick. Hope you remember me from the Hartford Claims Dept. Now in Florida. Barb Rezner mentioned your web site when I was in hartfod last week. Hope all is well.

Jim Keenaghan visited from Riverhead L.I. NY USA
Great Garage and photos of Carlisle. I was there also,great time. I am in the process of building a new garage.Not as large as yours (35X37) but I like some of your ideas. What type of floor tiles did you use? If you ever take the ferry to Long Island, let me know & maybe we could get together? Jim

Love the '67!
Bill Warrell visited from Rocky Hill CT USA
Love the '67! Good thing you've got lots of projects going to keep that crazy son of yours, Chris, out of trouble ... keep up the great work!

62 Corvette
Brian Gamble visited from Rockville Maryland US
Rich,Thanks for putting pictures of the 62 on your site. I have been unable to get this car off my mind since seeing it at Carlisle, now I can show my wife what I consider "The ultimate 62" Thanks again for being so friendly at the show,it was a pleasure meeting you. Brian Gamble / AAMCO Transmissions Marlow Heights MD

We're not worthy!
Bob Johnston visited from Oshawa Ontario Canada
As they say in Wayne's World, Rich, "We're not worthy, we're not worthy". The cars, the garage, the lifestyle ....I'm wimpering under a blanket!!!" Thanks very much for the info and advice you've provided me by eMail.
My website can be found at: 1967 Corvette Rebuild

Richard G Souther visited from Attleboro MASS United States
I drive a 1982 Collectors Edition it only has 47k miles on it. Your vette makes my vette look sick. I wish i had the money to make mine look beutiful like yours in and out.

Jerrry Menezes visited from CHULA VISTA CA USA

Cars & Garage
Bill Carey visited from Noblesville Indiana USA
I have never seen a garage as nice as this. It is a fitting place to park these beautiful corvettes. I have owned over 35 of these wonderful cars and I think I would have traded all of them for the 62. WOW.

Beautiful car and wheels
Mike Losodo visited from CA USA
I signed your guestbook one time before after seeing how aesthetically beautiful it was, and you responded to me, whihc i thought was amazing. Now i realize how technically challenging parts must have been just from my small endeavour with torq-thrust II's. I have purchased a pair of these wheels and would much appreciate if you could help me find a way to make them fit; meaning how you did it. So if you could send me the size and backspacing of the wheels as well as the size and brands of the tires i would be very grateful. Thank you soo much, and that is one heck of a great ride!

Doug Miller visited from Coral Gables Florida USA
Great space, it looks better than most homes. Thanks again for all the info Rich.

the cars
Bill visited from Hoboken NJ USA
not only do you have to coolest garage anywhere, you also have the nicest cars i have ever seen. just one question. why not go with a torch z06 to match the other two red cars???

High point of my weekend!
Mark Jackson visited from Summit New Jersey USA
Rich, It was a pleasure visiting with you at Carlisle, and your cars were truly the highlight of the show! MJ

Wheels and Tires
Bruce R. Silverman visited from Pompano Beach Florida USA
Nice talking with you today. I think I'm going to go with the Torq Thrust II in the 15" size and use the new tires I have. I have a set of 15X6 Torq Thrust "D" in excellent condition if you know anybody.

Your Vette
Charles Collier visited from Charlotte NC USA
Great Car, great garage. I thought I was the only one crazy enough to have a garage like that

Your Corvette's
Paul signed this guestbook on Mon, Oct 29th, 2001
They visited from Melbourne Victoria Australia
Your cars are gorgeous, and as for the garage, well, what can I say? It's obvious you have a real passion for your Corvette's, and it shows in the end result. Beautiful.

your site
David E. Cottrell signed this guestbook on Tue, Oct 30th, 2001
They visited from Richmond Va, 23226 USA

Great site and super cars! you really know your stuff--I have a ZO6-405 Yellow--50th on order. Hope to meet you at a show someday--Best of luck and continued success--David

Riku Loisa signed this guestbook on Thu, Nov 1st, 2001
They visited from Tampere Finland

I'm speechless... I'd love to live in your garage;) Marvellous cars in unbelievable garage. Greetings from Corvette fan in Finland!

Nice cars...but spectacular garage!!!
Jeff Todd signed this guestbook on Sat, Nov 3rd, 2001
They visited from Arvada CO

I doubt I ever will see a garage like this one. You should see mine....LOLing on the floor!!
You can visit their website at Blkbelt

I'm jealous.
Michael Whittaker signed this guestbook on Sat, Nov 10th, 2001
They visited from Montgomery Alabama USA

Outstanding cars and a well done web site. I'm on my second Vette; the first was a '79 that I sold to get my '85. When we move back to Tampa next year, I'm buying a C-5 and will rebuild the '85 for my now 13-year old son. Again, great cars and a great site.

Great Job!!!
Carey Davis signed this guestbook on Tue, Nov 27th, 2001
They visited from GA USA
Great cars, great garage, great website! We are on our second Vette - a Daytona yellow '69. Wish I had your garage for it! Although I doubt it will ever be up to the standards of your cars, it sure is a lot of fun & draws plenty of attention - especially from those who catch the "427" on the hood & the Hurst shifter on the floor... Which 502 did you buy, & do you recommend it? Mine is currently running a built 400 small-block w/ about 400hp...

Great Web Sit
Joan & Dimitri Damianopoulos signed this guestbook on Fri, Nov 30th, 2001
They visited from Syracuse NY

I enjoy looking at your web site and your gorgeous garage.I did buy that Olympus Digital camera, thanks for the recommondation.

your beautiful '62
Domenic signed this guestbook on Wed, Dec 19th, 2001
They visited from Philadelphia Pa USA

I thought no vette could compare to the emerald green '61 from Englishtown NJ, but yours is in the same league! All this in less than one year! :O)

Highly Impressive!!!
Jason signed this guestbook on Sat, Dec 22nd, 2001
They visited from Kennewick WA USA

I caught your website through a posting on www.slpeng.com message forum. I own a 2000 SLP Camaro SS #6501. Onyx Black M6 Tranny. I love your website!!! I have passed it on for others to look at. Incredible work my friend!!! Merry Christmas!!! Jason venmckr

Your cars
Flavio signed this guestbook on Sun, Dec 23rd, 2001
They visited from Toronto CANADA

Let me just state for the record that you are my hero. NEVER have I seen anything like this before in my life. That '67 and the '62 are my two new favorite cars and that garage...well...I want to live there! Keep it up. You have just mapped a out a blueprint for life for me. I just hope the wife will be as understanding, involved and interested as yours. Kudos on a job(s) well done!
You can visit their website at Corvette Archive.com

Great Vettes & Garage
steve signed this guestbook on Sat, Dec 29th, 2001
They visited from Warwick RI

It was quite a pleasure to visit your web site. What a fantastic garge and aray of cars. I'd love to have either car. Great job.

Bob Patrella signed this guestbook on Sun, Dec 30th, 2001
They visited from Worthington Ohio USA

Rich, I plan to build a 56 chevy with a complete 01Z06 using entire engine,drive train,suspension,wheels,and everything else I cn get on there from the Z06 I purchased. I hope I can build a car as fabulous as your 62 vette. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us.

Garage and Cars
Gary Civiletti signed this guestbook on Mon, Dec 31st, 2001
They visited from Spencerport New York USA

That 62 is the best Corvette I've ever seen and that garage, wow!

Corvettes at Carlisle
Marion Farrell, Jr. signed this guestbook on Mon, Dec 31st, 2001
They visited from Sherman Texas U.S.A.

Beautiful C5,'62 and '67. I never save an individual's website in my favorites, but this one is being saved for future day dreams. The '62 is exactly what I would like to build.
You can visit their website at Camaro and Firebird Car Club of Dallas/Ft Worth

Nice webb site
Donn La Clair signed this guestbook on Thu, Jan 3rd, 2002
They visited from Sterling Michigan USA

Now that's the way to do Corvetts!!!Love your cars. Wish I had the gut's to do mine like that. Hope to see you at a show or some other gathering and see the car close up. Donn
You can visit their website at Donn 66

nice vettes
jim becktel signed this guestbook on Sun, Jan 6th, 2002
They visited from barkhamsted ct

surfing the net, just got a ratty 68. I HATE matching numbers! nice site and nice cars, neighbor! jim
You can visit their website at same

World of Wheels Show in Boston
Dave Beland signed this guestbook on Sun, Jan 6th, 2002
They visited from South Yarmouth MA USA

I'm glad that my friend Jay Sinatro (orange '34 Ford) told me to pay close attention to your '62 Vette. It is probably the finest '62 I've ever seen! I've owned 4 corvettes and now have a renewed desire to find a #5.

Beautiful Sebring Silver and Torch Red C5
Todd Berlinski signed this guestbook on Sun, Jan 6th, 2002
They visited from East Lansing Michigan USA

Had a '96 Collecter Edition with the Torch Red interior. Brigt Red contrasting silver an awesome color combo. After hearing they brought back the Torch Red interior for 2000 I searched endlessly for a low mile silver/red six-speed. After three months I had to settle for Sebring Silver on black. I'm going swap the black seat covers for torch red covers, install Corsa Indy exhaust with GTR tips and a brushed aluminum interior kit.

great site
Jon signed this guestbook on Thu, Jan 10th, 2002
They visited from fairfax va usa

you have some great looking vettes, all three! i'm modeling my garage after yours!!

Thanks for the help with the Wheels!!!!
Moi Monroe signed this guestbook on Fri, Jan 11th, 2002
They visited from Waycross Georgia USA

Rich,spoke with you several months ago about those spinners on your 67. Your cars are beautiful(either 67 or62 for sale?)Would love to have a poster of either car on my garage wall,any plans ? I have a 66 and 2000 c5, but neither high class like yours . Keep up the good work,it makes for pleasant deams. KEEP ON VETTIN

6th,or 7th visit to this site
Marion Farrell, Jr. signed this guestbook on Sun, Jan 20th, 2002
They visited from Sherman Texas U.S.A.

I have been back to drool over the 62 Vette 6 or 7 times now and each time it just gets better. Thanks for building my dream car Rich!
You can visit their website at Camaro/Firebird Car Club of DFW

Just surfing by...
Pat Schilling signed this guestbook on Wed, Jan 23rd, 2002
They visited from Zurich Switzerland

Let me stand in line to thank you for building the kind of car I am looking for @ Geneva Auto show every year again. Engineers have been talking about retro looks for years but the truth is that mankind will never be able to return to something considered to be old and accept it as brand new as well. We all need the past as a scale for our progress but only a few of us are able to pick the best parts from every epoch and reassemble something beyond vintage car requirements like matching # and marketing dept. requirements like usability and prod. cost effectivity etc. Not to mention our excentric designers and safety engineers that couldn't live with an unaltered body shape from the last century launching these days again. A bummer than it really is as simple as getting dressed for a party taking dad's good pants that are en vogue again, that brand new shirt from D&G that you bought last week and those 5 years old designer shoes you convinced your mom back then that will last for ever and are worth spending her money on, it's all about picking your best pieces from everything...a show especially woman are staring in. Might be a reason why your projects turned out so good as you had both a strong physical and psychological support from your wive Barbara at all times. The only way is probably yours, but it takes a lot of discipline, persistence and organizing skills, attributes I'm working on myself and really admire as much as your garage and it's valuable content. Unfortunately I live in a country that does not allow people to build there own dreams on wheels, at least not when it comes to chassis, suspension and engine redesign/transplant. But as proud owner of a second, a U.S. citizenship I might take chances somewhat further down the road. Mother earth has quite a few nice places to settle and....live dreams. I wish you and your family all the best for 2002. Keep achieving goals, although you're ahead of the rest of us already...;-)

Your Vettes/Garage
Bill Murray signed this guestbook on Wed, Jan 23rd, 2002
They visited from Hyannis Port MA USA

Dick, good to see you over the holidays. LOVED your vehicles and the "garage." As nice as they are on your website, seeing them in person is unbelievable!!! Stay in touch.

Tom Shands signed this guestbook on Sun, Feb 17th, 2002
They visited from New Albany MS

Rich and Barbara , you have created something that I didn't even know was possible. It's refreshing to see really nice people do really great things. Thanks.

Helping Hand
David F. Ambrose signed this guestbook on Tue, Mar 5th, 2002
They visited from Athens Georgia USA

Rich, Thanks for your advice you were a real help. If any one man deserves TWO Vettes like those, it would have to be you. I can't tell you how impressed I was that you took that much time out of your day to help a complete stranger. Thanks Again. Sincerely, David F. Ambrose

Great cars, great garage!
Barry Lovvorn signed this guestbook on Wed, Mar 6th, 2002
They visited from Lafayette CO USA

Your cars and your garage are simply outstanding! I've been casually looking for a C3 to restore, but you're tempting me to look at a C2. The '62/Z06 is impressive, but I really like the '67; the engine works really well with the entire car (use of the 502/carb).
You can visit their website at Barry & Irene's Corvettes

Don Pierce signed this guestbook on Thu, Mar 7th, 2002
They visited from Medfield MA

Hi Rich & Barbara: Fantastic web site just like your cars, I'm not surprised. Lets see, we could put a nice 4 pt roll bar in the '67, some DOT approved race tires, some belts and go have some fun!!! Hope to see you guys at a COM event. Best regards, Don P

Cars-what else?
Bill Ziedman signed this guestbook on Fri, Mar 8th, 2002
They visited from Bolton CT USA

Fabulous cars, fabulous job. Impressive work. I especially like the '62. The garage is also nice. Thank you Barbara for bringing the articles to my attention. Bill

pete signed this guestbook on Wed, Mar 20th, 2002
They visited from adelaide south australia australia

wanna see vettes
You can visit their website at asd2.com.au

Your great cars!
Mark Marabella signed this guestbook on Fri, Mar 22nd, 2002
They visited from San Clemente Ca.

Nice update! Your cars/garage / site are unbelievable! Keep up the good work! What's next?
You can visit their website at 396 RAT

Site's looking good!!
RichF signed this guestbook on Sat, Mar 23rd, 2002
They visited from East Moriches NY USA

Hi Rich & Barb: Looking at the pics of your cars always brightens up my day! Seeing them in person iseven better, though!!
You can visit their website at Rich's Incorrect 'Vette Site

Always amazing
Tony Rivera signed this guestbook on Tue, Mar 26th, 2002
They visited from Suwanee GA USA

Rich and Barbara, Although we've never met, I feel like I know you both...and I'm jealous. Rich, thanks for keeping my updated with your email address. This weekend, your ears may have been ringing. You were the topic of conversation at a recent Corvetteforum get-together. We're still impressed. By the way, thanks for the picture of the 62 with the American Flag reflection. Its the new wallpaper on my PC. Tell me, in the background of that picture, is that a hot-rodded Divco Milk Truck?? I've gotta get to Massachusettes! Great cars, great site. God-willing I'll get to Carlisle one day!

The greatest cars ever built!
Cory Hudson signed this guestbook on Tue, Mar 26th, 2002
They visited from Satsuma Al USA

Just wanted to say that your site is truely a work of art. The 67' is my favorite, maybe because I am doing a frame off on my 66' with a 502 and 4sd. Your cars keep me inspired. Keep up the good work.

Wonderful Site
David Tooker signed this guestbook on Fri, Mar 29th, 2002
They visited from Concord Ca USA

Rich Wanted to thank you again for all the time, support and advice you've graciously given me over the past months on my 62 project (Newman). If I can ever repay you in anyway, please don't hesitate in calling in your marker. Have another question for you, did your cousin get that test drive? Dave

David M signed this guestbook on Sat, Apr 6th, 2002
They visited from NC

Wow what an amazing garage and cars. Absolutely beautiful.

Hi Rich & Barbara,
Sam & Diana Memmolo signed this guestbook on Mon, Apr 8th, 2002
They visited from U.S.A.

Thanks for your wonderful company at the Big Block Car Show April 6-7 2002. Your photos are fabulous, and even better in person. Look forward to seeing you again. Come see our website, you might find your corvette. Sam and Diana Memmolo
You can visit their website at ShadeTreeMechanic Sam Memmolo

Dan signed this guestbook on Thu, Apr 11th, 2002
They visited from W. Htfd CT USA

Ok, not only do you have dream cars but a dream garage as well! I can't stand it!!! Ok, I'm not jealous, really. Great site! Great Vettes! Great garage! Just me, another 63 vette owner in CT.

No words to describe this
David Sediles signed this guestbook on Thu, May 2nd, 2002
They visited from Hialeah FL USA

Absolutely, positively, THE most awe-inspiring 62 I've ever seen! Just taking a look a the 67 would have been enough, but then you had to go ahead and build my dream car. It's really funny that I found your car on corvettemagazine.com at this time because I was really thinking about how great it would be to drop in an LS6 into a first gen vette (or any other car for that matter). You've got some sweet, sweet cars, and a garage that could make a guy wet his pants! Take care. -David

garage and vettes
Ed.Richardson signed this guestbook on Sun, May 5th, 2002

Just one word says it all AWESOME!!!!

Your Overall Dedication To The Corvette
Gordon Warren signed this guestbook on Sun, May 5th, 2002
They visited from Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada

Just to say i am impressed with this site and your dedication to the Corvette from someone who has been there in some ways and still holding a keen interest in all nice Corvetts that have their owners personal touch applied:

Great talking to you last night,Rich
Clint Hooper signed this guestbook on Tue, May 7th, 2002
They visited from Wichita Falls Texas USA

When I sell my ZR-1 and find that 58-60 I'm searching for,I'm sure I will be burning up the phone lines to CT. Clint Hooper '90 ZR-1 Red/Red
You can visit their website at Welcome to the LT5 Registry

Chief Mechanic's Helper
Judy MacLeod signed this guestbook on Tue, May 7th, 2002
They visited from Charlottetown PEI Canada

Love the site. The garage and cars are awesome. I especially love the Chief Mechanic's Helper.

Robert W. Todd signed this guestbook on Sun, May 19th, 2002
They visited from Jamestown N.D. USA

Beatiful shop and cars.

Ellis Coleman signed this guestbook on Wed, May 22nd, 2002
They visited from Raleigh North Carolina USA

Rich, Thanks for all your help. The 61 is coming along a little slower now that we are into paint stripping and body work. Your contacts have been a great help. Ellis

Rick Braud signed this guestbook on Mon, May 27th, 2002
They visited from DOUBLE OAK TEXAS USA

Thanks for giving me the oportunity to view your great garage and awesome cars. You must be very proud. Rick

Second to None
Thomas Carroll signed this guestbook on Sat, Jun 1st, 2002
They visited from Mill Valley CA USA

I always show friends your site, as the two Vettes pictured are simply stunning. Thanks for the pleasure of being able to see such beautiful cars.

Wiring harness
Frank signed this guestbook on Wed, Jun 5th, 2002
They visited from San Antonio Texas Bexar

How is the Speed Scene Wiring harness for the LS1 in your '62 working? I am thinking of using them.

Your beautiful 62 Vette
Len Fiamingo signed this guestbook on Fri, Jun 21st, 2002
They visited from PO Box 8130 Red Bank, NJ 07701 USA

Very nice work. Hopefully, if I ever finish my 56 Vette modernization project, we can exchange test drives. Although mine will be just an LS1.

62 'vette
John Peipon signed this guestbook on Sun, Jul 7th, 2002
They visited from Vineyard Haven MA USA, 02568-0290

I spoke with both of you at NewEngland Dragway, this spring. I'd love to see a full posting on the '62 since I've turned a few people on to your award winning vehicles. I also wish that my humble shop/garage was as sano as your operation. Thanks for all your time and shared stories at the show

Tim signed this guestbook on Wed, Jul 10th, 2002
They visited from New Orleans LA. USA

The most beautiful cars I have ever seen are on this site!
You can visit their website at Paylesspipes

Your '62
Steve Barker signed this guestbook on Fri, Jul 12th, 2002
They visited from Puyallup WA USA

As soon as you mentioned your '62 I remembered seeing it in the magazine. Another superlative job. All the pictures are truly "eye candy". The attention to detail is remarkable. I love red cars - my 360 Spider is red.

62 zo6
Bill Clements signed this guestbook on Wed, Jul 17th, 2002
They visited from boston mass usa

I have seen your car at the world of wheels on boston. This is the most amazing vette i have ever seen. Seeing that was paert of the reason i just bought my first z06 02 vette.

Just saying hi!
Butch Borchers signed this guestbook on Mon, Jul 22nd, 2002
They visited from Kennett Square Pa. USA

Rich & Barbara, it was a pleasure meeting both of you at the Super Chevy Show in Maple Grove. Rich, you've cost me money aready! Beautiful set up all the way around. I hate to admit it but both of your cars are even nicer then the awesome lift the cars sit on which is really hard for me to say! Enjoy! Butch
You can visit their website at None

Robert and Beate Gillies signed this guestbook on Mon, Aug 5th, 2002
They visited from Ottawa Ontario Canada

We just checked out your web site and the cars are gorgeous. Your garage what can one say. When can we move in? Hope you had a great week at Baileys. Your camping neighbors. Beate and Bob

Conny & Steven signed this guestbook on Mon, Aug 12th, 2002
They visited from Lommel Europe Belgium

Hi Rich & Barbara,this is my image of the ultimate dreamgarage.I am out of words!!And the the cars.The pictures i have seen on your webpage give me the inspiration for the future for my car(mustang fastback 68).I hope to treat it the same way you do.Great pics and great webpage

hallaert signed this guestbook on Tue, Aug 13th, 2002
They visited from mol antw. belgium

wow, great work. You really LOVE your cars. Congratilations

62 Corvette
Richard Warren signed this guestbook on Tue, Aug 13th, 2002
They visited from Edwardsville Il 62025 U.S.A.

Just wanted to thank you for your help. You have help more than you realize! I will contact Alf in the near future and get more info. from him. Thanks again. Rich Warren

last year at carlisle
dutchman signed this guestbook on Wed, Aug 14th, 2002
They visited from palmyra pa usa

i have been intending to write you since last year, but i follow all of worst maxims of mark twain and have put it off for too long. i could not possibly add anything sustantial to the numerous messages already on your site. i had only had my 2001 z06 a few weeks when i brought my uncle with me to carlisle. there were so many beautiful vettes there, but when i saw your '62 i was completely awestruck. no superlative, no adjative, or combination thereof could ever do justice to what you created. i am beyond green with envy. it is the most beautiful car i have ever seen...period. i took quite a few shots with my camera and never hesitate to show and tell them. i found you and your wife to be down to earth friendly and a pleasure to talk to. i hope you will be there this year as well. i don't know whether to thank you or hate you for setting the height of the bar so high, rich. in any event, take care and hope to see you soon

karin signed this guestbook on Wed, Aug 14th, 2002
They visited from balen belgium

very nice cars

Just wanted some inspriation for my 66' project
Cory Hudson signed this guestbook on Sun, Aug 18th, 2002
They visited from Satsuma AL USA

Hello, I hope you remeber speaking to me on the phone a couple of times. I have a 66' roadster with a 502 and a muncie. You sent me a book of info. THANKS it was very helpful. I will give you a call after Carlisle to see how it was. I am in the process of powder coating my frame. Hope to see some new projects soon, although I have no idea how you can top your previous master pieces. Take care.

R.J. signed this guestbook on Tue, Aug 20th, 2002
They visited from Henderson, NV U.S.A.

Great site! Lotsa' love in it.

Lou Tarascio signed this guestbook on Tue, Aug 27th, 2002
They visited from Lake Hopatcong NJ

We met at Carlisle last weekend and I'm still in awe of your 62, as I said to you many times over, "It's THE Most Beautiful 62 I've EVER Seen" and I own and drive a 62.

Looking good!
Jay signed this guestbook on Sat, Aug 31st, 2002
They visited from Helsinki Finland

Your carage with all its content looks like too good to be true. Keep up the gr8 work and talk to you on the forum!
You can visit their website at "Home of bone stock 454 EFI 1979 Vette"

Pursuing a custom/modern 74 Vert; suspension questions
Glenn Boles signed this guestbook on Mon, Sep 16th, 2002
They visited from Fort Worth TX USA

Rich, Thanks for taking the time to talk with me. You certainly provided the information I needed in order to make a decision on what the final product should be. I am glad you didn't tell me anything that came as a susprise! Oh yeah, thanks for mentioning a big block . . . LOL Like I needed anything else to consider. We will meet in person, it's just when.

Good to see you at Carlisle
Rich & Marty Fingerhut signed this guestbook on Fri, Sep 20th, 2002
They visited from East Moriches New York USA

It was great to see you at Carlisle... Congrats on the nicest car in "Chip's Choice" - Now go get some rust on those rotors...
You can visit their website at Rich's Incorrect 'Vette Site

first visit
brian robert signed this guestbook on Sun, Sep 22nd, 2002
They visited from providence rhode island usa

rich, the car is terrific. great work.

Very Nice Web Pages
F. Gale Carpenter signed this guestbook on Tue, Oct 1st, 2002
They visited from Kailua-Kona Hawaii

One on the nicest I have seen. Awesome cars and garage.
You can visit their website at Big Isl and Jewelers

Supurb vehicles
Jim signed this guestbook on Thu, Oct 10th, 2002
They visited from Griffin GA USA

I just wish I could afford, one the time to do that, and two the money to do that! Loved the pictures.

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