Page 2: Our Garage Workshop

The garage was designed as a place to build, detail and store our Corvettes.

This is a picture of our garage (looks like my "helper" didn't want to be left out of the picture!) when viewed from the rear to the front. It is 25' wide by 42' long and has 8 1/2' ceilings in the rear and 10 1/2' in front. It has a full storage loft above for parts. It features a tile floor, 38 ceiling "pod" lights, oak cabinetry, Andersen windows, central exhaust system, fire & burglar alarms, central heating/air-conditioning and three oversize garage doors, which I built myself in the style of "barn doors". The garage was built to my design by a friend, with contracting experience, and myself over a five month period of many long nights and weekends.

This is a view from the front to the rear of the garage. Here you can see the main parking area of the garage. In this area are the phone, computer system, Bose Stereo system, TV and printer/fax/XM and scanning equipment.

This is a closeup of the main workshop area. This area houses a full compliment of air tools, compressor, hand tools, diagnostic equipment, drill press, metal chop saw, grinder, drop lights, bead blaster, battery charger, MIG welder, engine hoist and stand and mid-rise floor lift. Some folks have asked if we actually work in the garage :-) but there is something going on here virtually every day. Having built and modified many cars over the years we wanted a more comfortable place to work and decided to design and build one to best suit what we wanted.

I was careful to take these pictures while it was clean and organized as it isn't always this way. It's had it's share of paint over-spray, grease and grime and assorted "accidents" over the years.

This picture is from the right rear to the left front of the garage. Shown is the double bannister staircase going into the house which also has storage underneath. The staircase bannisters were turned on our lathe and all millwork was done on site. Also shown are the oversize front garage doors which are done in a "barn" style but open as a normal overhead door. These doors are very heavy due to the barn wood used as well as the fact that there were 622 screws and 110 bolts used to assemble them.

The garage was featured in the February, 2000 issue of Corvette Magazine ( and can be seen under the Feature Archive section. Search under "lifestyles" and click on the garage article or click on the link below. It also appeared in the Winter 2002 issue of Corvette Quarterly as part of the "Home Sweet, Garage" article on page 37.

Corvette Article

We hope you enjoyed seeing where we work on our Corvettes. Rich & Barbara Lagasse, Enfield, Ct.