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We were very pleased when Vette Magazine contacted us to arrange for a feature article on the 62 Corvette. John Nelson came to our home in October, 2001 to take the pictures and gather material for the text. Shown above is the cover of the magazine.

The article appears in the March, 2002 issue of Vette Magazine on pages 42 - 45. John and the staff at Vette did a great job on the article.

John Nelson, Asst. Editor at Vette, arranged to come from California to our home in Connecticut to do the photo shoot. He certainly was very thorough as he took 33 rolls of film! We spent one day at a location near our home and another taking pictures in our backyard and garage. This picture above is of John at work in our back yard.

While John was taking his pictures I tried to follow his lead to get shots of the car and the Fall foliage in Connecticut. This picture is one of our favorites.

To get the cover shot we had to remove the hood from the car and John used a ten foot tall tri-pod and step ladder to get the angles and lighting that he wanted. Multiple shots were taken from several angles with the hood on and off. Later the staff at Vette magazine merged the pictures to achieve the "X-Ray" cover picture.

The picture above was taken during the first day of the photo shoot at a location near our home. We spent the entire day taking the outside pictures of the car as well as pictures for the cover. Here John is using the tri-pod used in setting up the cover shots. Barbara was responsible for keeping him from falling off the step ladder. :-))

Sports Car Driving Association Lime Rock event March 28, 2005 entering the esses curve - in the rain.

Arriving at Watkins Glen for the SCDA event May 3, 2005.

The truck is ours and the Corvette and trailer belong to Ray Zisa from the Corvette Center.

It's quite a trip from Connecticut but it's our favorite track.

Ready for the first of four runs at Watkins Glen.

SCDA Watkins Glen event May 1, 2006 through the uphill section of the long course.

We've been asked many questions regarding car trailers concerning what make, length, options, hitch setup, and tow vehicle to use when hauling a Corvette.

Above is a picture of the exterior of our Renegade trailer and below is a picture of the interior. We wrote two articles which appeared in Corvette Fever magazine in the June and July, 2006 issues which cover these subjects as well as several others related to towing. Click on the links below to view the articles.

Thanks for visiting our web site. We hope you have enjoyed it. To contact us please e-mail us at: richsclassiccorvettes@cox.net

Rich & Barbara Lagasse

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